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Ny bog ‘Facilities @ Management: Concept, Realization, Vision – A Global Perspective’

The evolution of facilities management from a global perspective.

With valuable insights from over fifty diverse contributors from over 15 countries from all around the world, Facilities @ Management: Concept, Realization, Vision – A Global Perspective describes the evolution of the facilities management (FM) industry from a global perspective, discussing the past, present, and future of a profession that has grown significantly over the last forty years. The contributors are made up of industry professionals, many of whom are the founders of the profession, and members from academia who are responsible for teaching future FM leaders.

This edited work is a facilities management origin anthology, but it also reviews the current state of the industry through best practices and lessons learned from some of the sharpest minds in the field.

This book includes valuable information on:

  • Handling legal compliance, strategic policies, and overall best practices to ensure a successful career in the field
  • Understanding practical guidance for the role of facilities management in the world’s biggest challenges, including sustainability and climate change
  • Building systems and equipment through strong technical knowledge, project management, and communication and interpersonal skills
  • Managing a diverse range of stakeholders and contractors and adapting to changing technologies, regulatory requirements, and sociopolitical challenges

With unique firsthand insight, including case studies, from thought leaders in FM from around the world, Facilities @ Management: Concept, Realization, Vision – A Global Perspective is ideal for practicing FM professionals as well as students and researchers involved in the field.

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