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30. november 2022, 09:00 - 11:00

Get full potential of your production through digitalization

Have you ever considered how your organization can use IoT and digitalization to reduce your production cost, shorten your delivery times and improve your quality?



30. november 2022


09:00 - 11:00




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How to use the tool: The Digital Factory Mapping

Have you ever considered how your organization can use IoT and digitalization to reduce your production cost, shorten your delivery times and improve your quality?

The ability to digitize the production and production processes can be crucial for a production company for how they manage on an international market, where the competition parameters delivery time, price and quality is in high demand.

But the digitalization potential in the production companies often remains unsolved because the companies either lacks resources or competence, or they are not able to secure the digital transformation.

In FM we already work with digital solutions such as IoT, AI, and AR in our office buildings but the difficult task is to transfer these actions to the production because of the strict requirements for the environment, temperature, ventilation etc.

Production buildings doesn’t always make up the largest amount of our buildings, but they are certainly the most complex to operate. FM plays a crucial role in keeping production capable of working, and therefore it’s important that the smart-working methods can be used at the same time as the work processes and documentation live up to the requirements.

For the purpose of making our production and the processes easier and more digitize, we’ll look closer at the “Digital Factory Mapping” method – a synergy between Lean and Digital Maturity which helps companies among other to identify concrete digitize opportunities for improvement in any given production, estimate the potential of the improvements for a business case and prioritize the digital improvements.

Target group

Anyone who works with FM in a factory.

This webinar gives you:

  • An overview over the tool ‘The Digital Factory Mapping’
  • A demonstration on how The Digital Factory Mapping works
  • Insight into different cases where production companies have used The Digital Factory Mapping
  • Workshop with other representatives from danish production companies
  • A follow up meeting with a consultant, there’ll discuss the practical use of The Digital Factory Mapping relative to your organization’s needs and goals for a more beneficial production

Wanna know more about Digital Factory Mapping?
This article from MADE (Manufacturing Academy of Denmark), is based on an interview with Louis Poulsen and Stenhøj Holding – How we successfully promotes digital mapping in four companies –

About the company behind ‘The Digital Factory Mapping’, FORCE Technology

FORCE Technology are one of the 7 Danish GTS institutes whose task is to promote technological innovation in Danish companies. FORCE Technology has been working with IoT for almost 10 years – and is known for ‘the experts’ expert’ within IoT electronics, IoT design, network technology, pro- duct safety, IoT data solutions and IoT platforms.

Experts from FORCE Technology will present different presentations for this Masterclass and they’ll include experiences from a number of danish companies who’ve already worked with IoT and digital mapping. At the webinar you’ll meet Jens Ulrich Nielsen, Chief Consultant and Michele Colli, Industrial IoT Specialist from FORCE Technology.

The webinar is in english.


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